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. president obama arrived in tokyo overnight, the first stop on a four-nation tour of asia. the president will tackle huge economic and security issues during his trip. >> but he hasn't left the car in afghanistan behind. abc's yunji de nies is traveling with the president. and joins us this morning from tokyo. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. the president has a lot to talk about. but his main mission on this visit is diplomacy. on his first visit to the regi as president, the white house says he's really here to strengthen relationships. president obama touched down in too, kicking off a week-long, asian tour. where he'll visit four countries and meet with a bevy of world leaders. mr. obama's agenda is broad. international economy, climate change, global security, and the war in afghanistan. while there's plenty to talk about, unlike past presidential trips, there's no concrete agreements expected out of his tour. on his way here, the president stopped in alaska to mt with troops. mr. obama is not expected to announce whether he will send more american
. >>> today, president obama formally ordered that about 30,000 more u.s. troops be sent to afghanistan. mr. obama spent much of dat the day briefing u.s. and foreign leaders about this and tomorrow he explains his decision to the american people. steve handelsman reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: after three months of reassessment, president obama issued his orders, to afghan commanding general mcchrystal and the national security team about 30,000 more u.s. forces to go to afghanistan over next 12 to 18 months. expensive, 30 billion more a year but a significant increase. >> 30,000 troops plus some allies. let's say 5,000. a hu jolt of energy to stan mcchrystal and the nato forces. >> reporter: their revised mission will be to pull out of remote combat bases, to secure afghan cities from the resurgent taliban and to train afghan government forces. many republicans like the plan. >> the mission is to degrade the ability of al qaeda to threaten the american people again. >> reporter: but many of president obama's own democrats are wary. >> we cannot try to do nation-building there. we
become the next guantanamo bay? why a congressman is against that idea. >>> and president obama says there's something he'd like everyone to see in china. he wants everything to have what he told a group of students in shanghai. >>> i'm richelle carey. welcome to "hln's" "news and views" on this monday. the story we're following as we speak. a somber update on a 5-year-old girl missing nearly a week. investigators say right now they are searching for the body of shaniya davis along a central north carolina highway. the police say they've received reliable information she may have been dumped there. police have charged shaniya's 25-year-old mother with human trafficking and felony child abuse. new pictures a moment ago. the mother antoinette davis is due in court in two hours. shaniya lived with her father until last month. he was hesitant to let her stay with her mother but felt she deserved an opportunity to be a part of shaniya's life. >> of course i had some reserves. however she been trying. i know she been working for at least six months, and she had been trying to get her life
morning. president obama is winding down his ten-day trip to asia with an historic visit to china. mr. obama has met with chinese president hu for talk. >> two leaders were in agreement on key issues, and our correspondent joins us from beijing. >> reporter: good morning, this is arguably the most important stop on the president's visit so he is spending quite a bit of time on the ground here in china. he said relations between the u.s. and china have never been more important, so he's working hard to strengthen that relationship. president obama played tourist today, taking in some of beijing's signature sights at e forbidden city. his r&r comes hours after closed door talks with communist leaders, including more than five hours with president hu. >> a strong u.s./china partnership and dialogue is important not only for the well-being and prosperity of our two nations but also of the world. >> reporter: much of their discussions have centered on the economy. china is america's biggest creditor with $800 billion in u.s. treasury bonds. >> so far, china's partnership has proved critica
? the obama state dinner was a hot ticket. >> cheers. >> reporter: so hot, that two reality tv stars apparently crashed the party. the socialites from the show "the real housewives of washington" were announced. but the white house says they were not invited, marking what appears to be the first time in modern history anyone has crashed a state dinner. photos published on their facebook page show the couple with high-profile guests, like vice president joe biden and chief of staff, rahm emanuel. the secret service is looking how the couple got past security. one official said, these individuals went through magnetometers. they reportedly left before seated for dinner. lying to the secret service could bring a felony charge. it didn't clear how close the salahi's got to the president or the first lady. they were clear to be at the dinner. and they went through five security check points. we'll have much more on this story later on "good morning america." >>> when president obama makes his case for more u.s. troops to afghanistan next week, he'll be doing so from the military academy a
>>> making news in america this morning. >> preside obama wraps up his trip to china and heads on to korea where a whole new series of issues await. >>> government site meant to track stimulus raises anger on capitol hill. >>> it's wednesday, november 18th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. president obama has wrapped up his visit to shy by inviting hu to visit the zblus the president heads off to confront new challenges in korea. >> reporter: president obama enjoyed a final test of china as he wrapped up three days of meeting with communist leaders. the president's discussions have been wide ranging, climate change, north korea nuclear issues, human rights and the economy. >> a relationship that used to be focused just on economic and trade issues is now expanding to deal with a whole hosts of global issues in which the u.s. cop operates. >> reporter: the president now heads to south korea. the fourth and final country where demonstrators are awaiting his arrival. these are the first protesters that he's encountered on the trip. >> translator: i cannot repress
sarah palin thinks she understands. >> first, obama's dinner for the prime minister of india. how the washington times and fox news reported john boehner was not invited for partisan reasons. then it turned out he had been invited but declined so he could go home to ohio to, i don't know, work on his tan. worsts -- beck does it again pl calls mary landrieu, quote, a prostitute. now says of -- >> now we know you're hooking. but you're just not cheap. >> where is the call for beck to be fired from sarah palin? all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> i guess shame is dead. >>> good evening from new york. the self-declared spoiler of the health care reform bill that begins debate, who does the junior senator from connecticut represent? 10% do not have health insurance tonight. or aetna, just one of the health insurance behemoths who have their headquarters in hartford. joe lieberman saying he will not vote for a bill with a public option, and he still caucuses with the democrats because? "time" magazine has this week dubbed the senator from aetna drawing hi line in the sand
at home and abroad, to govern the country. it's a serious challenge for president obama, who soon has to decide whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to combat the taliban. partly on whether he can trust karzai. many agree it will take more than just military might to meet those goals requiring karzai to live up his promises of boosting his own security forces and provide a table government. jeremy, vinita? >>> attorney general eric holder is taking heat from congress to try top terror suspects in new york city. republican senators argued a civilian trial would give suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammad and others a world stage for propaganda. they said a civilian jury could acquit him. holder says that will not happen. >>> the senate has finally released a version of the health care reform bill. the total cost, $849 billion over 10 years. senate democrats claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion. they promise coverage to 94% of americans. democrats say they will raise money for the plan through higher payroll taxes for the rich and taxes on cosmetic
obama called the new health care reform bill a critical milestone. >> tonight begins the last journey we have been on. >> reporter: they claim it will cut the deficit by 127 billion over that period. while ensewering coverage for 94% of americans. >> it's simple sign. it's like this -- it's victory and that's what we're going to have with health care. >> reporter: reid gathered democrats to discuss the bill. >> we're going to get it over the finish line because failure is not an option. >> reporter: health care reform dead on arrival that declared. >> will bankrupt this country. >> reporter: asked how he squared a promise to strengthen medicare with cutting the program, reid was philosophically. >> you get rid of that, it strengthens the program. >> reporter: it includes an optional public health care plan allowing states to opt out. it's paid for a medicare payroll tax on those enearning over $250,000 and those on pricey health care plans. >>> after the president's trip, the president left south korea with part of his agenda accomplished. while he made headway on north korea nuclear wea
. >>> a final decision. president obama is close to announcing a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. >>> and health care reform. more and more viewers -- more and more of you are expressing dissatisfaction with the health insurance of america. thanks for joining us. today is tuesday, november 24th. it's been a soggy day all day long. kim martucci is here to brighten up the day, though. no matter what our forecast says. >> i will do a little bit with my bright hair. that's the best i can offer, because it is cloudy and gloomy outside but for most of us it is a short holiday week. we want to get you to your travel location safely. in the main weather segment i will have the forecast if you are driving or catching a flight. stay tuned for that. right now 48. winchester 46. 51 fredericksburg. across the bay easton 50 and 52 52 patuxent river. for the rest of us it is cloudy and drizzle. check it out on live doppler nine thousand and focus on the st. mary's and charles county border, which is right here. in hughsville, you have some light rain moving northward and it is raining north of
's elections. will barack obama help them win? >>> then, running research. with no shoes and a new book, one man's insight on marathons and human endurance. >>> and, movie magic. michael jackson tops the box office charts. ♪ they say why, why tell them that it's hun nature ♪ >> impressions of "this is it" in "insomniac theater." it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we both saw the movie over the weekend and i have to say i burned calories during the movie. >> you were the dancing guy? >> i was moving. the eater was sort of empty so i could gyrate at will. and nobody would pay attention. >> i think you'd be hard-pressed to not dance at least once during that. >> right. it brought back a lot of fond memories. michael in his healthier looking days certainly. and it was interesting. we'll talk about it. >> don't ruin it. >> i'll try not to. >> stay tuned for that part, we'll talk about it. >> stick around, we'll give our reviews. good morning on this monday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> president obama is putting hit political clout on the
of that country's opposition presidential candidate. president obama h h been counting on a clean election in afghanistan as he weighs sending 40,000 more u.s. troops there.e. but hopes for a legitimate process are now all but lost after president hamid karzai's main challenger dropped out of the race. here's david kerley. >> reporter: they will all feel the effect. the more than 100,000 allied troops, the afghan people, of this man's decision to quit next weekend's presidential runoff. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter:r:bdullah abdullah's exit from the presidential race hands victory to the incumbent, president hamid karzai, a victory that is tainted by massive fraud in the first election back in august. still, abdullah urged his followers to remain calm. >> so that's the call for myself, not to go to the reets, no demonstrations. >> reporter: presisint karzai is set to rule the war-torn nation for another five years partnering with the u.s. amidst accusations he is ineffective and corrupt. >> i think it's time for us to stop beating up on president kar
out of it. we were looking pretty seriously at a future of a mccain/palin ticket winning. barack obama found his voice and he started talking about how this financial crisis was not the result of just one or two bad apples but a result of ideology of the regulation. that is where he was not telling the truth. it was not just the bush years. what gives me a little bit of a different perspective is because i do not live in the u.s.. i am much less partisan. i am not driven by a desire for democrats to win elections. that is not what drives my riding. during that election campaign, we knew damn well that the key pieces of legislation that created the economic crisis had been created during the clinton years. we knew that this was a better political message to claim that the ideology was bush policy. the problem with the intellectual dishonesty is that it comes back to bite you. if you are lying to yourself and everyone else, then what is to prevent larry summers from coming back and being given the keys to the treasury once again. >> what grade would you give on this issue? >> what grade?
. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> as president obama returns from asia today there is an important development on capitol hill. >> the senate version of health care reform has finally been made public. now let the debate begin. john hendren has the details from washington. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. after weeks of negotiations, senate democratic leaders unveiled their health care reform plan. they'll have to corral every supporter to get it to the president's desk. president obama called senate democrats' new health care reform bill a critical milestone. >> tonight begins the last leg of this journey that we've been on now for some time. >> reporter: the total cost is pegged at $849 billion over 10 years. they claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion over that period. while ensuring coverage for 94% of americans, including 31 million people who now have no coverage. >> and there's one sign that i think not only defines this moment, but also is going to define what's going to happen in
. happening now, the buildup to president obama's big announcement on afghanistan. he's starting to spread the word about troop level and strategy before he speaks to the nation and the world tomorrow night. the manhunt for the suspected shooter in the deaths of four police officers. the spotlight is on an ex-convict now on the loose in washington, the state and former presidential candidate who commuted his sentence and let him out of jail and tough questions for the white house about the now famous presidential party-crashers. how did it happen, and what's the secret service doing to stop it from happening again? i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama is putting more top officials in the loop today about his new war plan strategy in afghanistan. his long-awaited public announcement on troop levels a little over 24 hours from now, and there's a lot of anticipation and concern about more american lives on the line along with lots more u.s. taxpayer dollars. let
. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: president obama began filling in key international leaders today on his new war strategy for afghanistan. it was part of the final run-up to his announcement, in a nationally televised address tomorrow night. ray suarez has our lead story report. >> suarez: the president informed his top civilian and military aides of the decision last night, and set in motion a far-reaching overhaul of u.s. policy in afghanistan. the centerpiece is expected to be the deployment of up to 35,000 additional american troops raising the total to some 100,000. the first to go are likely to be 9,000 u.s. marines moving into southern helmand province, a center of taliban resistance. but it's already clear the president faces opposition in congress. vermont independent bernie sanders was on abc yesterday: >> i have a real problem supporting 30,000 or 40,000 more troops and $100 billion more a year for that war on top of what we're spending in iraq. >> suarez: today, white house spokesman robert gibbs said the issue of cost, not only in li
in the -- barack obama. >> yes, and this is what i tracked in the -- track in the book. the ambition of the super brands of the 1990's in companies like starbucks and nike and apple. the equated their ideas with this transcendent injury. they ended up making themselves -- this transcendent in the jury -- imagery. the ended up making themselves -- they ended up making themselves very vulnerable to their consumers demanding more of them. when a company like apple uses gondi in an ad -- ghandi in an ad, or anti racism in their market, it is usually because somebody at their advertising firm did research and found that this would be most resonant with their target. they were not prepared for being held accountable for these ideas when consumers ask why 16- year-old girls are making your speakers for a paltry wages if you believe in treating women fare. -- fair. it is interesting. that kind of activism forced a lot of reforms on companies, but i argue in the introduction that the most significant development in the world of branding is the application of this theory of the hollow corporation and all
with barack obama an early supporter, they were supporters of obama. he talked with google about an open net and supporting places like silicon valley. the reality is that engineers as britent as understanding science, they lack and in feeling. gates would question his motives. he thought he was doing good. he thought he was creating an operating system this was universal. what gates doesn't understand is fear. fear would move dpens them. microsoft now is on the other side lobbying. google has too much sway over advertising. the same kind of people had an interest in the competition >> check out this picture. they have 2 (000) 000-0000? >> they have $21 billion. >> after only being in business 11 years. >> that's roughly the same amount of ad dollars. >> these are just the little ads off to the right-hand side. and it's 2/3 of what all the newspapers are bringing in >> i'll read this to you, "two millionaires who would buy this straight from it's all over you tube. can you find it there. you can. it's a retreat. it's kind of like a wood stock retreat in oout in the desert. it's in late augus
obama's state dinner say they want a six figure payment for an interview. that, at least, is according to a tv executive that spoke to the "associated press" on condition of anonymity. they also told them that tareq and michaele salahi said to get their bids in. >>> looks like black friday ended up being a mixed bag. shoppers flocked to the stores but sales nationwide were up by just .5%. sales are expected to increase by nearly 2% for the entire holiday season. the nation real tail federation predicted more people would go shopping but spent less. tomorrow is cybermonday when many people shop online. >>> we still don't know much about the car accident that send tiger woods to the hospital. he is not talking yet. as susan candiotti reports, that is only fueling the mystery surrounding the incident. >> reporter: the cracked-up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods cadillac suv, photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, the shots taken after the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into the neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground
to the airport. >>> president obama made a big promise about afghanistan and he's shooting for a goal that's been elusive since day one of the war. >>> some doctors will go casual when it comes to work attire. why some hospitals are saying no more ties. >>> first, though, i'm grateful to have you with us today, speaking of thanksgiving. the travel rush is on today. you may be surprised more people are traveling this year than last year. about 38.5 million people are expected to head out for the holiday weekend. listen to this, though. air travel is expected it drop. rain could slow things down for some of you. not everybody. so listen up. bob is going to have the thanksgiving forecast in a matter of seconds here -- well,a matter of minutes. >>> you may be one of the millions of people up early looking at the black friday deals online. melissa long is in for jennifer as she tells you about a huge spike in traffic to these black be friday websites to try to put it all together for you. >>> good morning, good morning. it's another indicator retailers could have a big day on friday. there's a researc
but missed. the violence coming as pressure mounted on president obama to make a decision on troop levels. in the middle box, brand new information concerning sarah palin's new book, as well as her sit down with oprah winfrey. carl cameron has seen the show, has read the book, and is now talking about her unpublished political future. in the bottom box, the space shuttle atlantis launch and on "the live desk." we are told the weather is good. 2:28 eastern time. six astronauts will be going up, seven coming back, carrying 16 tons fof equipment for the international space station. martha: it is like a big moving van. first, there are some new developments in the plan to transfer some of the world most dangerous terrorist suspects, here on u.s. soil. the plan is to bring 100 additional detainee from guantanamo to the mostly empty super max prison located outside of chicago. today, officials will be inspecting the facility, known as the thompson correctional center. some in the town say they do not want these terrorists living that close to their homes. catherine herridge is in washington. wh
obama's first state dinner and went on to brag about it. >>> a bounty is put on the head of anyone who shoots and kills a child in one city. the reward is there on the billboard. why one reverend says this had to be done. plus -- >> well, i'm here for two laptops and a plasma tv. >> even before the turkey is even in the oven, bargain hunters are already in line to cash in on black friday. is this crazy or what? >>> first, though, you want to talk about crazy, the secret service is trying to figure out how a couple crashed tuesday's state dinner. the reality show wannabes were reportedly not on the guest list but somehow got in. agents say the couple went through scanners and that president obama was never in danger but a former white house security adviser says the couple could face some serious charges for lying to federal officials. >> this is a pretty serious crime not to mention as you say it's a threat. they would have been screened and not had weapons on them but of course once you're into the state dinner, there are knifes and forks and cutlery and literally we've seen pictures
taking this combination of medicines. >>> president obama heads to southkortoday, the last stop on his asia trip. before leaving china the white house announced president obama invited president hu to visit washington next year and the chinese president had accepted. the visit will allow a cooperative relationship between the two countries to further develop. >>> away from the presidential spotlight, secretary of state chinese counterpar morning over breakfast.ty about closer cooperation on ke issues including northkorea's nuclear program and the situ in pakistan. >>> the pentagon is expected to launch an investigation into how all branches of the military keep an eye on potential problem members. into possible misse signals in members. into possible misse signals in the case of major nidal hasan, the pentagon investigation would focus on personnel policies and the availability of mental health care for troubled service members. wu is website it set up to track in jobs created by federal stimulus money. the site was riddled with reports of new jobs in districts that did though
and this is "state of the union." president obama prepares to announce his new strategy for afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. >> two influential senators weigh in on troop levels, the timetable, and the cost of war. democrat jack reed of rhode island and republican richard lugar of indiana. >>> now's the time to move forward towards peace. >> a rare hint of movement in the search for middle east peace. we'll check in with special envoy tony blair live from the region. >>> and in our "american dispatch," we travel to seattle to see how despite scarce resources, one program tries to get homeless teens off the streets and on to a better path. >>> this is the "state of the union" report for sunday, november 29th. >>> good morning. hope you all had a great thanksgiving. president obama this week will unveil his long-awaited new strategy for afghanistan. administration sources suggest it includes a significant boost in u.s. troop levels. the official announcement is planned in prime-time tuesday night at the west point military academy before an audience of army cadets and military off
obama's state difference last week. what does this breach sayed about it secret service and will criminal charges be filed against the couple? now congress wants t hear from the couple and the head of the secret service. tracie potts joins us live now from the white house with the latest. tracie, it got a little bit heated earlier today. >> reporter: yeah it did. a white house spokesman spoke out basically for the first time since this incident happened and was asked whether or not white house staff might be at fault. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: the reality tv wanna-bes who got into last week's white house dinner without being on the guest list have been on tv before. >> i would like to welcome all of you. >> reporter: featured three years ago in a report on their family vineyard. this thursday we may hear from them for the first time. michale and tareq salahi are invited to a congressional hearing with theed of the secret service. this is not time for political games or scapegoating. committee chairman benny thompson says in a statement "my confidence in the ma
is the mother's boyfriend and he said he was at home when the girl was taken. >>> president obama is in beijing right now, part of his eight-day trip to asia and meeting with china president hujintao. he pushed for greater freedoms in china. >> i see china's future in you. young people whose talent and dedication and dreams will do so much to help shape the 21st century. i said many times that i believe that our world is now fundamentally interconnected. the jobs we do, the prosperity we build and the environment we protect and the security that we seek all of these things are shared. >> president obama will also visit china's great wall today. >>> the fbi used equipment like ground penetrating radar at that house in cleveland where 11 bodies were found. we could see more digging this week at anthony sowell's house and store. the search also has expanded four houses down. >> they found bones about this long. they come running in the house bringing them in the house with their bare hands talking about, look what we found. >> police aren't say figure they actually found anything. but anthony sowe
was demoted. according to a "newsweek report," by the obama administration. is that what allowed them to get in? so fashionably as they do so there. there is brand-new information i'm going to be sharing with you on that story. and don't forget. there's another way to participate in this national conversation. it's not just on twitter or myspace or facebook or skype, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. you can call us. dial the number, 877-742-5751 and start with "hey, rick." cade. now over the counter at walmart as prevacid 24hr - to treat frequent heartburn. over the counter. unbeatable prices. talk about a relief. save money. live better. walmart. tylenol pm is recommended by more doctors than any other sleep medicine. it eases pain... and helps you sleep, in a non-habit forming way. >>> welcome back. i'm rick sanchez. there is breaking news from washington. within the last couple of minutes, the united states senate began its official debate on health care reform. there you see some of the pictures of what's going on on the floor right now. earlier, majority leader harry reid announce
>>> it is a busy week for the obama administration on economic matters. today the treasury department is expected to start pressuring mortgage companies to cut payments for troubled homeowners. on thursday the white house hosted a jobs summit to confront unemployment. friday the government releases november figures on unemployment. >>> one in four homeowners owes more on their mortgage than what their property is worth. lenders are supposed to help those in trouble but abc's rachel martin reports today, the govern act >> reporter: the obama administration says banks aren't doing enough to help millions of americans at risk of losing their homes. so they'll announce a new strategy that will involve a campaign to name and shame. for nearly a year, the administration has been offering cash to banks if they'll lower mortgage payments for homeowners in crisis. the head of the program tells the "new york times" the banks are not doing a good enough job. some of the firms ought to be embarrasse andbe. members of the administration aren't the only ones frustrated. days ago a judge
they need to finish the fight. >>> plus, president obama facing an incredible week as he prepares to announce his long-awaited strategy for the war in afghanistan. >>> will those white house party crashers face charges? new details emerging now about the fame-obsessed couple and now at least two lawmakers are calling for a criminal investigation. >>> good morning. i'm monica novotny. >> i'm tamron hall. >>> developing story out of washington state. the suspect of an ambush on police near seattle is now said to be nowhere to be found. police thought 37-year-old maurice clemmons was held up in a seattle home but can't find him now. he is accused of shooting four police officers execution style in a suburban seattle coffee shop and nearly a decade ago, clemmons prison sentence of 60 years was commuted by former arkansas governor mike huckabee. nbc george lewis is live in parkland, washington. police thought the man was held up in the home and not the case so where are they searching? >> they are searching the neighborhood and looking at the add joining houses in that area. they were
washington bureau. i guess the big question is why is the obama administration doing this. >> in part they were up against a litigation wall. all these individuals absent one were in the military commission process and the military court had ordered the obama administration to make a choice as to what was going to happen with these individuals. and so they split the difference, five will be headed to new york to face trial for the 9/11 plot, five others will be facing military commission for a variety of other plots, including the master mind of the uss cole attack in 2000. so this was a decision that had to be made, but it also helps the obama administration in trying to depopulate guantanamo and figure out how to deal with the individuals still there. >> but do you peel this is the best way to do it? this has raised quirt a bit of ire especially in the new york city area. they say time heals all wounds. i don't think that applies in this case. you have families here that are outraged. what does the attorney general say to those family members that have to sit lieu what will be years
in sterling. >>> plus, president obama makes his decision on a new strategy for afghanistan. >>> it's the hottest ticket in washington. we'll give you a preview of the obama first official state dinner. i'm joel brown at the white house. that's coming up. when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ from l.l. bean. >>> we told you all afternoon at the age of 85, the washington wizards owner, abe pollin has died today. our sports director is live at the verizon center for them joining us inside a building that will be a big part of the legacy. >>> and that is a member that is recently 12 years ago, they did not exist for them. and they just prepared the vision out there just yet for them and now t
because u.s. leaders didn't send more troops. the report comes ahead of president obama's announcement tomorrow about whether he's going to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> okay. are you going to be shopping at work today? this is what they call cyber monday when a lot of people hit the web to buy holiday gifts. problem, many people do it on company time. jennifer westhoven is here. you and i can say it's part of our job. >> i have to research the deals. >> exactly. good morning. >> good morning. i mean, one thing you should really all know about cyber monday it's just a big marketing gimmick. it's not the busiest day for shopping or not even necessarily the big deals. take that marketing gimmick and make it your game. there are deals out there if you didn't want anything to do with the black friday crowds. maybe that's too much for you. maybe this is the time you start doing your shopping. store trade group predicts more americans will buy online compared to last year. sears web page has 15% off appliances, lots of other deals, too. best buy has a 19-inch hd tv. of course, i don't
this. >>> two suspected parry crashers got closer to president obama than originally thought. now the secret service is talking about how they got in. hey, there. thanks for having us over. i'm virginia cha, this is hln. we hope your weekend is going well. the number one golfer in the world is recovering from a car accident. patrol officers plan to interview tiger woods today. he was treated and released from the hospital after crashing his car in to a tree near his home early yesterday morning. here is what we know about this accident at this point. after the crash, his wife told police she used a golf club to break the back window of tiger's suv to pull him out. paramedics say when he got there he was in and out of consciousness had cuts to his lower and upper lip and had blood on his mouth. it was not alcohol-related. we talked to the police chief about this crash. >> reporter: why did his wife have to bash it in with the golf club? >> what i understand, she said the doors were locked so she could not gain entry. >> reporter: she had a golf club with her at the time? >> i don't
day long. >>> difficult decisions. the world awaits president obama's military plans for afghanistan after an unexpected political move. >>> then, cleveland murders. six dead women found in one home. a suspect's disturbing background. >>> and, millionaire fair. who's catering to the ultra-rich during a recession. >> everybody's talking about the crisis but we don't feel it. >> it's monday, november 2nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you recovering from all the candy this weekend? >> i didn't have that much. i see you've got a stockpile. >> i knew people were going to bring in candy. a good amount next to my desk. >> that's my favorite too, the kit kat. you're going to have to share that. >> i'll give you some. one kit kat. >> i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> it now appears hamid karzai will be the president of afghanistan for the next five years. his main challenger heading into a runoff election has dropped out. abdullah abdullah made the surprising announcement over the weekend. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says the administration will work with
here on c- span. later, it focuses on the obama administration and hiv-aids prevention, hosted by the white house. that is live at 2:30 p.m. eastern. later, a discussion on reporting for iran. that starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern live on c-span. >> on this vote, the yeas are 60, the nays are 39. the motion is agreed to. >> with that vote, the senate moves its health-care bill to the floor. starting today and through december, follow the entire debate and how the bill would affect access to medical care, the public option, taxes, abortion, and medicare, why are companion network, c-span2, the only network that brings you the senate gavel-to-gavel. >> our discussion now on issues facing airline pilots, from today's "washington journal." prater is president of airline pilots association international. you are testifying before congress. sellas your message. guest: get the faa reauthorization done. it includes language directing them to update the federal aviation regulations on pilot fatigue. it is the number-one issue before airline pilots today. host: talk to us about pilot fatigue.
by for that. trace: we have new information on president obama's decision on afghanistan. the president held a high-level meeting last night and issued orders to his war council. he has also informed world leaders of his plan. tomorrow he is said to outline his strategy in a prime-time speech. it is a plan some critics say will be a hard sell. major garrett is with us. i know the speech is still being crafted, but he will be talking about boosting combat forces as well as how to get out of afghanistan? >> that is right, his top speech writer is continuing to write the speech until tomorrow night. the president will talk about what robert gibbs told us about today. this is not an open-ended commitment in afghanistan. yes, there are up to 35,000 troops, but the president will also make it clear those forces will not be in afghanistan forever, and there will be a time line, at least a soft timeline, to assess how well those forces are completing the mission. the president will make it clear to the skeptics, many of them democrats in congress, that although he is increasing the footprint in afgh
caltrate. and give tlc to somebody you love. >>> tuesday will be a milestone for barack obama. the war in afghanistan that began eight years ago in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks will effectively become mr. obama's war after tuesday. cnn's kate bolduan explains. >> don, with all eyes on tuesday's long-anticipated announcement from president obama. defense department officials tell cnn they are preparing plans to send about 34,000 additional troops to afghanistan. according to white house press secretary robert gibbs, the president will use his address tuesday to explain why the u.s. is in afghanistan, what the u.s. plan is in the country going forward, what the cost is for this new comprehensive strategy and, according to gibbs, the president will also make clear this is not an open-ended engagement. but president obama faces some real challenges in selling this new comprehensive strategy as the american people and members of congress seem divided. >> from my point of view, the president is correct in assessing that afghanistan is a war that must be won because the national sec
program. what does president obama and his allies do now? >>> in just two days the president tells you his plans on a troop ramp-up in afghanistan. what will he say? will it make a difference? cnn correspondents are on the ground in afghanistan. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. we're following breaking news out of the seattle area. a massive manhunt under way for at least one person who gunned down four police officers this morning in a coffee shop south of tacoma. someone walked right in and killed all four. police describe it as an ambush. no one else in the coffee shop was hurt. this is the second time in less than a month that police officers in the seattle area have been targeted in fatal shootings. the officers killed today were with the city of lakewood. a short time ago, a visibly shaken sheriff spoke about this tragedy. >> as you all know, something very terrible happened today. this is an example of the danger that police officers and deputy sheriffs and state troopers face every day. the person or people who did this not only harmed us, they harmed the good that we can do in the
advisers tuesday, president obama will announce the new strategy in afghanistan at the prime time steech at the west point military academy. he will layout his plans and announce how many troops he will send there to try to achieve it. next month the president will attend a climate change summit in denmark. he is offered to set a goal to cut emissions by 17% below 2005 levels by 2020. the u.s. hasn't committed itself to any legally binding goals. the president will go to denmark the day before. he will go to oslo to accept the noble paez prize. >>> you are looking at pictures of airport travelers on this second busiest travel day of the year. as expected, the crowds are huge. the lines are long where people are headed out for the thanksgiving holiday and the weather in some areas could be making things kind of bad. you might have to wait a little bit. meteorologist bonnie schneider joins us with a latest where i understand a state where it's usually like fantastic, folks like to fwrag brag about their weather, it's raining. >> you're right if sunshine state has wet and windy weather righ
. -- >> that was steve rosenberg watching the court case in munich. >> president obama expected to announce tens of thousands of more u.s. troops in an increasingly unpopular war. mr. obama is also seeking thousands of troops from nato allies. britain is getting closer to confirming an increase in troop levels. the defense secretary says the military now has enough equipment to send a further 500 british troops to afghanistan. >> we have been doing a lot of work over the last few months to try to make sure t conditions set by the prime minister have been met and satisfied, that they have been met with the ratios and equipment that people need for the levels of treatment we have in afghanistan -- they have improved over the last few months and quite considerably, in terms of helicopters and protected vehicles as well. certainly the first condition imposed has been met. >> britain's defense secretary. this is "world news today." coming up, is this an end to political turmoil? a new man wins the presidential election in honduras. and what really happened in florida, and mystery deepens about a car
you. >>> meanwhile, president barack obama says he'll make a decision within weeks about whether to send more troops to afghanistan. top adviser david axelrod says mr. obama is going through a rigorous decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonne
from washington, thanks. >>> as president obama begins to leave for asia, he leaves without making a decision about troops to afghanistan. after a war council meeting yesterday, mr. obama still has questions about how and when u.s. troops could turn responsibility over to the afghan government. the commander in chief also got adse from former secretary of state colin powell. >> this is a very difficult one for him. and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. and don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time and you figure it out. you're the commander in chief. and this is what you're elected for. >> the u.s. ambassador in afghanistan, a former army general, is said to be strongly against a troop surge. >>> the investigation into the ft. hood rampage is raising new concerns about the lack of coordination among america's intelligence agencies. when the suspect, major nidal hasan, bought a gun in texas last summer, the
-camera session was robert gibbs, where he says that president obama in an oval office meeting yesterday at 5:00 p.m. with defense secretary robert gates, secretary of state hillary clinton, general david petraeus, the top general for the afghan/pakistan region, and also the chairman of the joint chiefs, issued his orders on its strategy on the way forward in afghanistan, so he did not want to get too far ahead of the president's speech, but we know that those orders were issued late yesterday, 5:00 p.m., in the oval office. regarding australia, we are told president obama will not be asking australia to send more troops to the conflict in afghanistan. the aussies had 1550 troops. prime minister read says he feels that is about the right number -- prime minister rudd. the president is reaching out to allies for more troops. we have been told him for the president will not ask australia specifically for more because they have already given more than any other non-nato country. jane: talk about the domestic politics involved back at home for the speech tomorrow. >> it is interesting. if you walk --
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